Monday, August 1, 2011

God's Amazing Blessings

We had the privilege of sharing our Gotcha Day with some of the same people we shared it with 3 years ago. We all met in Colorado and spent time together laughing, crying, comparing notes, remembering what used to be and looking forward to what is to come. 3 years ago, we were handed beautiful little strangers. Today we have these amazing little girls that are active, funny, loving, witty, charming, and yes, even a little naughty at times. One of our group made a video of our Gotcha moments and then put in pictures of the girls now. It was incredible to watch the video because it took each of us back to that day, to that incredible moment when our name was called and we were handed our forever child. It was as overwhelming now as it was back then.

These are just some of the beautiful girls from China who have become a part of forever families over the last few years.

And these are our Guangdong Girls-6 of the 14 girls who came home 3 years ago and changed our lives forever. God is so faithful and good. Thank you Lord for each of these amazing blessings!!!
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Ward Family said...

I remember checking your blog everyday while you were gone. The joy we felt when we saw your gotcha day posts was immeasurable!! What a blessing miss Hannah is.....and I love watching her wrap those brothers around her little finger :)