Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sam and his suit

Sam wanted to wear a suit, so last week we went to Kohl's and bought him a suit.  He looks so handsome in his suit and tie.  And so much like his father!!!

Hannah had to have her picture taken, too.  She is getting so big!


Michelle said...

Sam looks so handsome! He reminds me of Joey. Joey HAS to wear a tie to church on Sundays (he asks to wear one during the week, but I try to restrain him to Sundays...) :)
Hannah is looking pretty as ever; and so happy!
I am loving all of the adorable clothes for Kylah that were Hannah's!

Barry Rowell said...

When I saw the picture of Sam, this song immediately came to mind:
Lookin' good, my man!

Ellen said...

Classy looking young man! WOW!