Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow days and Christmas cookies

Hannah is ready to go play in the snow.  She can barely move, but she is ready!

Alan is shoveling.  It got to a point where the snow blower just couldn't handle all of the snow we had.  We got a foot of snow in 24 hours-plus 35-45 mph winds.  Our poor driveway was one big snow drift.

If you look closely, to the right of Sam on the ground by his foot, is a little bit of green.  Those are my bushes-the tops of my bushes.  If you look at the bottom left of my picture, you can see the wall of snow.

Baking sugar cookies.  This is day 3 of being snow bound, and I decided the roads were clear enough for us to get out.  We went to Target and got all the fixin's for sugar cookies and then had lunch at Carlos O'Kellys.  We came home, mixed up the mix, cut out the cookies and the kids got to decorate.  Such concentration.

Jacob was very patient and spent quite a bit of time on his cookies.

Sam liked to frost as many as he could.

All done, except for the eating.

And this is the face after eating the yummy cookies.

Jacob making a snow angel.

Our kids and the kid next door.

Hannah in the snow.  She kept falling down.  And then she would laugh.  Until she lost her gloves and the snow wasn't fun anymore.

Better picture of how deep the snow is.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trimming the tree and visitin Santa

So on Friday night we decided to decorate.  This year we are heading to Texas in only 2 weeks, so we didn't decorate as much.  Our tree, stockings, and 2 nativity scenes.  Everyone got into the decorating.  Each child had ornaments they wanted to hang.  Hannah wanted to hang them all-on one branch!  I didn't mind, but it did drive Alan just a little bit crazy.  He has spent the last few days rearranging the ornaments.

Don't you love that smile!!  She was having a blast!

These are the 3 ornaments we got in Disney World this year.

Jacob and his train, Big Boy.  I think we could probably have a tree with only trains on it.  Jacob would love it, but only if he could have a dinosaur train as well.
The kids helping daddy.
Our Little People Nativity Scene.  I bought the expanded version last year and it was fun to see it together.  Which lasted about as long as it took to take this picture.

I started a new tradition with the boys.  Each year I put out my Precious Moments Navity Scene and it is my favorite thing to do.  Up until now I haven't let anyone help because I didn't want them to break it and, well, I wanted to do it.  This year both boys asked if they could help and I decided that yes, they could help.  I, of course, uttered the warning, be very careful because this is breakable.  They helped unwrap each piece and then we began to set it up.  I have an order I like to do and I decided that this year we would tell the Christmas story while put it up.  And it was fun.  And it was such a nice reminder of what this season is really about.  So now we will do this each year-I haven't decided if we should do it first, or last, but we will do it.  I love my nativity scenes.  And Hannah always looks for the baby Jesus. 

And then there is Santa.  She had seen all of the pictures I have had from the past 9 years and she likes to point out each year there was a crying child.  But she likes theory.  We went to the mall and she liked him from afar.  This is what I got once we sat her down.  How cute is she?!  I know it is a little bit like torture, but these are some of my favorite pictures.  And maybe next year I will get a smile.  Who knows? 

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well it is now December.  We had a surprising Thanksgiving.  We had this big plan to spend the long weekend together, just the 5 of us.  We would have steak on Thanksgiving, do some shopping, put up the Christmas decorations, and Sunday would be at church.  The choir was singing a fabulous song that morning, I was going to help set up the stage for our program that afternoon, followed by choir rehearsal.  Well, best laid plans.

On Tuesday, I talked to my sister and she was going to mom and dad's for Thanksgiving.  She had been having a tough time and I just was hating that I was so far away and couldn't really be there for her.  So my wonderful husband said "let's go to Texas" and so we left for Tx the very next day.  The weather was beautiful.  The kids got to play outside, my sister,niece and I spent the day shopping on Friday, Sam and Alan went with my dad and nephew to the TCU game on Saturday, while Jacob went with my mom to the Science museum.  We had a fabulous weekend.  And it was good for me to be with my sister.

The drive home was long, but so worth it.  And now there are only 2 more weeks before we go back for Christmas.  And this is going to be extra special, because my whole family will be there.  My brother and sister in law are coming in. We have probably only spent a couple of Christmas's together because it is really unpleasant for them to travel out of NY during the holidays and then they still have to split time between families.  But we get them this year and for that I am thankful.  All 4 of us kids will be together and that always makes things interesting.