Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gotcha Day

It is late on Gotcha Day and there is a reason. The internet isn't working on my laptop and that is where all of my China pictures are. I had wanted to post a picture from then and one from now, but that isn't going to happen. But I wanted to blog, so here I go.

One year ago, today, we met our dear Hannah Grace Lexuan for the very first time. She was placed in our arms, scared and wary and unsure what to make of everything. I spent some time looking back at pictures and I was amazed at how vacant she looked. She slept alot back then and I think it was to escape what was going on. Fast forward a year, and you would be amazed. She is this happy child, full of laughter and orneriness. She loves her brothers, until they start to bug her. She enjoys books. I go to get her up in the morning and she has her books surrounding her on her bed. Idon't have any idea where she gets that from!! She plays with her dolls and takes good care of them. She loves to swing and swim and run and jump. She l0ves music and dancing and watching the boys play Wii. She likes to be outside and playing ball-hitting the ball off the tee, and if Alan and the boys are playing catch, she has to have her glove, too.

She has changed our lives and we are better for it. It's only been a year and yet it feels as if she has been here from her birth. And that is a gift from God. Thank you Lord for our special Chinese blessing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artwork from Texas

See bottom foe explanation. After I posted it, the pictures had disappeared.

This is Hannah's picture, which she painted mostly on her own, with just a little bit of help from Aunt Kelly. And then Cousin Bekah finished it off with the fringe around the side. Very cute and a fun keepsake from Aunt Kelly's. The kids had so much fun!!!

Sam's picture. His idea was to make a stained glass window. It was fun to see how each child took their canvas and made it their own. I am not an arts and crafts mommy, but maybe I should be. My kids sure do enjoy it.

My sister Kelly, and my niece Rebekah, love to do arts and crafts. And Kelly wanted to do it with my kids, so I said go for it!!! Now, I am not as patient, but these turned out so cute!! This one Jacob did. This is the sunset. He picked all of the colors himself. Later, mom and dad took the boys to the museum, and he wanted to know if one day one of his pictures could be in a museum. That is a resounding YES!!!! The pastor had preached an entire sermon series on how we are beloved children of God and I wanted that saying in each kids bedroom. Well that hasn't happened, but we did, through trial and error, get Hannah's handprints, witha little smearing, and Bekah decorated it and added the words. She is quite the artist. And I hope this reminds Hannah that she IS a beloved child of God and of her mom and dad.

This is one of my favorite verses-and Sandy Patti songs from her kids cd*(which I had in my early 20's but can't find now). The boys feet were almost too big for the canvas!!!! Again there was smearing, but these feet are beautiful and my prayer is that they learn to love God and want to share His good news. It was a funny and tense time, trying to get their feet placed just right and then trying to get them to the bathroom without tracking paint all over Kelly's house. The event was stressful, but the picture is priceless. I have no pictures of the kids doing this because I was so concerned about paint getting on everything. Maybe I should relax a bit????

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Face of Freedom

This is what Fourth of July means to me this year. This time last year, Hannah was in China, in an orphanage, with no freedoms. She would not have the love of a family(although the people in the orphanage took great care of her, she was not in their family). She probably would not have been well educated, her future would have not have had the best outlook. She could not worship however she wanted, and probably would have ended up either worshiping a god who could do nothing for her or no god at all. Freedom in China is limited. She couldn't get right into the doctor if she were sick. She would have had to wait in long lines to be seen
But fast forward a year. She is now an American. She now has all these freedoms at her fingertips and I want her to take advantage of them. I also want her to appreciate them, by knowing what she had then and what she has now. Why? Because I now understand so much more the cost of freedom and the joy freedom brings. We live in a great country .
Hannah has a family who loves her. She is such a delight and she fits so well into our family. She starts preschool in the fall. She was just fitted for a hearing aid last week and we are trying to get used to it. We can get right in to see a doctor if we need to, and she has seen more doctors in her year home than she would probably care to see. We have health care-not government sponsored care-so she will get all the medical treatment she needs. But best of all, she gets to go to church and hear how we have a loving God, who not only loves Americans, but loves the Chinese as well. We get to show her what it means to have the ultimate freedom, feedom in Christ Jesus. We celebrate our freedom today because I have seen those that don't have the same freedoms
and our freedom is worth celebrating. Look at that face. She has limitless opportunities in front of her and I want to do everything in my power to give her and my boys as well, those opportunities. Here she can be anything she wants to be.
We live in a great country. Tomorrow I have the privilege of singing with my church choir, a celebration of our great country and a tribute to the men and women who have given their all for freedom. And this year it is just a little bit sweeter, with one little American who is too young to yet realize the gift she has been given, and one big American(me) who realizes more and more the gifts she has been given-my freedom and my daughter, my husband and my sons and my Saviour, Jesus Christ.
May God bless our service men and women and the work that they do. May God bless the President and the people who run our country. And God bless the United States. And thank you God for blessing me so richly.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009


She wants to be just like her brothers. And she hits really well off the tee!!!

Playing together. These are the sweet moments that last forever.

She is just too cute when she gets laughing.