Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day Tea with Sam

These are the gifts that he made for me. The class sang a song to go with the little box and it is to remind me how much he loves me. Definitely tears!!!
Today was the Mothers Day Tea at Sam's school(the kindergarten) and it was wonderful. Alan came home and stayed with Hannah so that I could enjoy it without chasing her. When I got there, Sam came to escort me to my seat. Then he brought me refreshments(juice and cookies) and let me open the presents he had made for me.
The class sang songs for us and we had a very nice time. It was good to spend time with Sam by himself, and he was so proud!!! He has grown up so much this year and I am so proud of him. When the class was singing, his was the voice that could be heard and he did all of the motions!!! He does have a little of his mom's dancing ability...and if you have seen me do choreography, you know what I mean!!!:) He is now ready for first grade, although I am not sure that I am.
We are planning our summer. Sam is going to do a 4 day baseball camp and he is very excited. He also wants to play golf, so we are looking into that. Jacob is going to take tennis lessons on Tues/Thurs and play on Wednesday. And then there will be the pool. An.d a trip to Texas in July. Then in August comes school for all 3. Hannah is going to start preschool through our school system to help her with her speech. She will have the same teacher Sam had and I couldn't be more pleased.
School is wrapping up and we are staying busy. Both boys are playing baseball and that is alot of fun. I haven't taken any pictures of baseball this year, but I will and then I will post them.