Friday, April 24, 2009

Hannah's 1st Popsicle

Hannah having her very first popsicle. When she saw this picture she said "Yummy". She got it everywhere, but she loved it. We have playgroup on Wednesday mornings and my friend Amy brought these to share after a morning at the park and lunch. We all had one and they were very yummy.
This is Hannah's friend Olivia. It is fun watching them learning how to be friends. Olivia is Hannah's first nonChinese friend(didn't want to leave out our friends from the China trip). They tend to get along well, until one has something the other one wants. Olivia is the first name Hannah said outside of family members. And Olivia is very special to me. I blogged about her in one of my first blogs, so if you want you can go back and read.
Hannah with her sunglasses. They don't stay on real well, considering she doesn't have her left ear to hold it in place, but she does okay.
We went to PE101 today to play. Sam had a birthday party there last night(one of the kids in his class-his parents own the place. ) It is pretty cool, with a trampoline, a foam pit, balls, stuff like that. She wanted to stay for the party but she couldn't so they had open gym time this morning. She was there with a bunch of other 2 year olds. Then we had lunch with my friend Kelly for her birthday. And then home for a nap. Quite the busy day.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hannah had her first photo shoot today, and in between her running around, we actually got some really nice shots. She is so beautiful, if I do say so myself...and that isn't bragging, because she doesn't have my genes, so I am an impartial witness!!!! Family-tell me which ones you like best, and if you want one, I will order it for you.

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