Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dad playing the guitar. He is starting to have some trouble with arthritis in his fingers, so I don't know how long he will be able to play. But look at that smile on his face. If he has his way, he will play until his fingers fall off.
On October 31st, my cousin Mel went to be with the Lord after a battle with cancer. I was sad about his passing, but I know that he is standing beside Jesus, right where he wants to be. Hannah and I went home for the funeral. Now this wasn't a trip for fun, and yet my family really hadn't met Hannah, and whenever we get together we have fun. I have a great family and it was really nice to spend time with them. Dad is playing "Who is in Grandpa's chair?" All of the grandkids love to run and get in Dad's chair and then yell for him to come see who is there. Hannah fit right in. And she let Grandpa get close. She was belly laughing with him. What a joyful sound that was!!!

Hannah loves to swing and the weather was beautiful!!!!!

My brother Barry, my mom, my sister Kelly, and Hannah and me. My other sister, Ellen, wasn't around that day. I think she had to work.

Same group with Dad.

I think we were being tree huggers, but I am not sure. Whenever Kelly and I are together we have fun. I love this picture!!!

I love this picture too, because it really captures personalities. I sure do love you guys!!!!

See that cheesy grin on Hannah's face? She loves to have her picture taken. And that happened alot while we were there.

Eating at Rosa's. She ate chips and salsa and a taco and rice and beans. It was Taco Tuesday....yummy!!! We love Rosa's!!!

Before we went to the viewing in Gun Barrel City, we stopped at Whataburger and had lunch. It was all we could find.

My Uncle Gene and Cousin Pam. Pam took such good care of Mel through his cancer. I can't tell her how much we all appreciated the way she loved him through the end. I didn't have much of an opportunity to visit with Uncle Gene, but it was good to see him and hopefully we will have a happier occasion to get back together.

Dad and Barry. It was a little windy!

Hannah playing hide and seek with my leg.

After the funeral we went to Pam's house to visit. Well, everyone else visited. I had a migraine. Luckily Kelly had been sitting in the car by Hannah for almost 2 days, so she went to her Aunt Kelly. And as long as she was fed(Hannah that is)she was fine.

Even Uncle Barry got in on the feeding. She ate alot of cookies with the frosting, but she was happy!!!!!

Grandma and Hannah eating cereal while Hannah waits for her other breakfast.

Taco Tuesday again. See how intently Hannah is looking at that chip? She couldn't look at the camera because she was too focused. That child loves her mexican food!! And how funny it is to see this little Chinese girl wolfing down tacos and salsa.

Hannah on my cell phone. She would play with it on the long car ride to and from the viewing and funeral(about a 2 hour drive?). She even fell asleep holding it to her ear. And the ear she is holding it to is the ear she can't hear out of.. Doesn't she look precious?

Right before she fell asleep.

My siblings...Kelly Rowell Cooke, me, Barry Rowell, and Ellen Rowell. It has been more than 20 years since we have been just us (without spouses and children...except for Hannah) and we had so much fun. We are all very different and yet God put us together as family. We love each other and I wouldn't trade any one of them for anything in the world!!!!!!

More Rosa's.

Aunt Kelly bribing Hannah with food to come see her.

Hannah found Country Elmo and it was love.

Happy Birthday from Aunt Kelly and the Cookes. A tiara, fine jewelry, a tutu, ballet slippers, a purse. She is all set. What a pretty princess!!!!!!

This beautiful creature is my 18 year old niece, Rebekah. She graduates from high school this year and then heads for college. I remember holding her when she was one hour old and now she has grown into this magnificant lady. Bekah, I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!! I only wish that I could have lived closer to you!! I love you!!!!
Now, I don't have a picture of my nephew Will, but I am proud of him and I love him too!!Just so you know!!!!

Hannah with her bear from Aunt Ellen.

This year has been a big year for me. Hannah has completed our family so completely-immediate family and extended family. I have a great family and being home with mom and dad and my brother and sisters was a wonderful experience. How great it is to be loved, especially by the people who know you longer than anyone else, people who have shared your unique experience of growing up in the same household and loving you anyone. I love you, each and everyone of you and I'm glad to know that we will always be there for each other. Because that's what families do.

Hannah playing chef. Grandma and Sam doing me and my shadow and Hannah deciding that she should be a part of that as well. Hannah being held by Grandma and then by Grandpa!!! We had such a great Thanksgiving week with mom and dad. They had a wonderful chance to get to know Hannah and she fell in love with them. Win win situation all around.

One of Hannah's 3 Christmas dresses. This one was sent by Great Uncle Stan and Great Aunt Mary. Hannah looked beautiful for her baby dedication. But that is for another blogging day.
Hannah pushing her baby stroller, wearing the tutu skirt that Aunt Kelly and cousin Bekah got her.

Again, note the outfit. She matched at one point during the day, I promise. Hannah loves Elmo and she got this new Elmo doll that sings, dances, tells jokes and stories and all sorts of things for her birthday. Even Jacob and Sam enjoy Elmo.

Halloween!! Sam is Speed Racer, Hannah is a ladybug and Jacob is Indiana Jones. I took the 3 of them trick or treating and all of them had a ball. It was a perfect night and we had fun.

Jacob at school for the Halloween parade and party.

Sam at school for his parade and party.

Jacob and Sam also had their first piano recital. They take lessons from my friend Amy, who is fabulous!! And they have such a good time. Both boys loved the recital and enjoy playing the piano(although I think Sam loves it way more than Jacob, but that is okay!)

Hannah in her second Christmas dress. She looks so beautiful!!!

Jacob in his Christmas program at school. We were on the other side of the gym-we had a child on both sides...where do you sit?...but we did get a smile. He looks so handsome and like such a big boy. Where did my baby go?

Do you see what Hannah is holding? Our Christmas Thomas Train!!!! She was definitely destined to be a Weed!!!

The boys in their church program.

They look so angelic!!!!!
Well that is all I can post for now but I will post more later. I have pictures from my cousin Mel's funeral that I watnt to post, but right now I need to get the boys to bed.

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