Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doctors visit, zoo visit and haircut

First off, today is Alan's birthday and he is in Chicago, so Happy Birthday!! I love you!!! Now this is Hannah at the zoo. We went Wednesday with part of our playgroup- Amy, Michelle, and Tonya(the grown ups) and Logan, Olivia, Joey, and Kylah. Tonya took a ton of pics,these are the few I took and I will post some of hers later(with her permission of course!) THis is Hannah by the penquin-if you look closely you can see the penquins swimming by.

Hannah got her first haircut today and my friend/hairdresser Di did it. She looked so cute. Di even put clippies in her hair, which she loves!!! Thanks Di!!!!
Afterwards we went to Carlos O'Kelly's for lunch. (It's a Mexican Food place for those of you who wouldn't have picked that up. The food is okay(for here) and I needed some comfort food. Hannah decided the salsa needed to be right in front of her and she ate most of it. That's my girl!!!!

On Tuesday we had our marathon doctors appointment. Hannah did great with the 3 sets of women doctors that we saw. And she cried every time the men came into the room(5 times), so they never got to see her smiley side. The first group we saw were the audiologists and Hannah sailed through their tests. She has great hearing on her right side. We didn't test her left side, but may try that when she is a little older. The ENT and the plastic surgeon both want a catscan run to see how the bones in her face on the left side developed and also to see what, if any, part of her ear is there. If her middle ear is there, she might be able to get a BAHA hearing aid(attaches to the bone), but we also need to make the decision whether to let her stay as she is,hearing fine out of one side, or do the surgery and have her hear out of both ears. BOth are very valid and would work fine for her. The plastic also told us about 3 different types of ears that they do(one is like a dental implant that has a magnet on the end and you just put on the fake ear to the magnet. So you can take it off whenever you want(and you have to do that to clean them everyday). We saw a geneticist who said that this was a birth defect-not caused by anything her birthmom did and it is not inherited, but they want to check a chromosome to make sure her future kids will be okay. We saw the speech therapist who said we ought to get in contact with the school district to start that whole process and I also want to call the Omaha Hearing School to see what they offer. My friend who had given us the assurance from God early on that we would get Hannah works there and both her older daughters went there, so I want to check it out. We saw the pediatrician, but we mostly talked about China. I had just seen him 2 weeks ago, so I really had no questions-except about her clinging to me. He said that was just the way he wanted it and that the whole thing with dad will come in time. And he should know-he has 2 adopted children from Romania, one from China and he leaves in October to go get his other son from China. He is great to talk to. All in all it was a great visit. Alot of stuff will be done later on, but at least we have some starting points. In about 3 weeks we will have the written report(one report from all of the doctors!!! How great is that!!) and I can actually go back over and see what all was said. It took over 4 hours, so I can't be sure that I got all of the information.
Our relatives from Phoenix were in town this past week, so yesterday afternoon and evening we spent with them. None of them had met Hannah, so it was perfect. She was quite the ham, laughing and smiling, and running around like a maniac. She made me tired just watching her. It was great to see the family. Many we hadn't seen since Beverly's funeral, so this was good. And it was neat, because Aunt Dee was looking at my children and was talking about how much fun Al's dad would have had with these kids. Boy, how I wish his parents were here.
We found out yesterday that my dad is having cataract surgery in October and November(one eye at a time). TO be honest it made me pretty nervous until I talked to my friend Amy today whose grandmother had it done and can see!!! So I guess it is all worth it, but I am so far away that I worry. I want to be there and make it all better. The funny thing about this is mom said that after the surgery he can't lift anything for 5 days. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, but it made me laugh.
I am trying to find a time to go home. I would like mom and dad to actually interact with Hannah. When they were here, she was pretty much asleep the whole time and now she is actually fun. So I am looking for a good time, which means Alan has to be in town and have time to take care of the boys(take them to school and leave work just a little bit early. So we will see.
Gotta run and make a bottle. Talk more later!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

church and open house

Sam has lost another tooth, bringing the count to 4. We were at school for Open House, which was really fun. It is neat to go into each room and see all of their work on display and get a feel for how their classes are run. After we went to each classroom, we went to the gym, where they had a book fair and a bake sale. We had bought books on Friday, but I had promised a treat. Please take into consideration that it is Hannah's bedtime and she is not very happy. So Jacob got a cookie and Sam got a rice crispy treat. As we headed down the hallway(AAA was taking free passport photos) to have the boys pics taken, Sam says that he thinks he swallowed it. We looked at the rice crispy treat in hopes that it was stuck in there and then on the floor, but no luck. He swallowed it. And the tooth next to it is wiggly too, so the tooth fairy will have to take 2 trips. Sam wroter her a letter when he got home explaining what had happened. Hopefully she will still deliver.
Hannah with barretts in her hair. She loves them. We went to a friends house today(the boys had piano lessons) and she found Olivia's head band and she loved that too. A girly girl....who also likes things that go fast. How fun. Anyway, this was Sunday getting ready for church.
I had gotten this dress in China and it is really a summer dress, and Sunday was cold, but I wanted to get it worn, at least once!!!! I even ironed it!!! Throw on tights and a sweater and VOILA!!!! Perfect for a chilly Sunday morning.

She is so cute!!!!! We made it to church and she sat through the first part of service-the music, which she loves. The problem is she gets so excited about it that she can't sit through anymore. We have a nursery and I will start trying to transition her over, but I can't leave her sight at home without a meltdown, so how will church work out. I missed the sermon, again. Then we had Sunday School(although they don't call it that anymore) and she sat through the eating part. But once class started she wanted to talk and mess around and walk around, so I left. She walked up and down the hall, outside of the balcony, so I heard a little bit of the sermon, but by the end of the morning I was tired. I tried going back in for class, but it was too hot and I was getting a headache. I know this too shall pass, but it's very tiring for me.

Enough whining. It really is going well. I took Sam to a birthday party and Alan took Hannah and Jacob downtown. There are some slides down there and they slid and then Hannah sat on Alan's lap and watched the other kids play. He said she even smiled up at him a few times. So little by little we are getting there. Unfortunately he has to leave town on Wednesday and back on Friday, so there will be a little set back.

And tomorrow is our massive doctors appointment. Prayers would really be appreciated. I think it will be a long morning for everyone, but maybe we will have some answers and a plan.

I am off to bed because I have to be up early. God bless you all.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Did you think that I had forgotten how to blog?

Okay, I haven't posted in a while. I get that. I suck!!! But I had forgotten how much work a little one. They need help doing everything!!! When do I get to go to the bathroom by myself again? And now I can't figure out how to write in black and not be underlined. Have I completely lost my mind? My pictures are not in any order because I can't figure out how to get them in order and I had a couple of places to get pics from. So bear with me and I will fill you in on life at the Weed house. First off, we started school. Jacob is in Second grade and Sam is in Kindergarten. Both love their teachers and their classes.
This is Jacob and one of his very best friends, Ryan. His parents are both from Fort Worth and his mom Kelly went to TCU, her mom worked at TCU, she lived in Benbrook-about a few blocks from my house and her mom lives within about 10 minutes from mom and dad. And we didn't know each other until Omaha. Our husbands knew each other and God knew we would both need a huge support as we tried to adjust to Omaha. And now we both love Omaha and have been friends for almost 11 years. Pretty cool friendship.
First day of school and Hannah not very excited about it.
The whole family walking to school. Hannah decided she could not be in the stroller and she had to be held by mom. Good thing we have that wonderful Ergo carrier.
Jacob and Sam in front of the school, by the flag. Waiting to go in.
Sam and his teacher Mrs. Sturek.
Jacob and his teacher Dr. Christensen.

The traditional front of the house 1st day of school pictures.
What a big boy. I can't believe my baby is in Kindergarten. I held up pretty well dropping him off. But I went up at lunch because Sam wanted to buy his lunch and I wanted to make sure he knew how to do it. Each kid had a 4th grader helping them, so I walked in with him and just made sure he knew what to do. We put mustard on his hot dog and he sat down at the table and ate his lunch and he looked so big. My eyes started tearing up and my throat got tight and I thought I wouldn't make it out of there without bawling. He loves going to school. He is singing lots of songs and learning so much, but I kind of miss him each day.
Jacob is learning by leaps and bounds. He has brought home spelling words and the 1st week we didn't really study and it showed!!!! So we have had to sit down each day and study so that he can do well on his test. Each week he has done a little bit better and this last week he got al 20 words right!! He loves to read and he just runs through books. He is reading the book his Uncle Barry and Aunt Catherine sent him(The Big Book of Boys Stuff) and he is just dying to do as much out of it as he can. He loves it!!!

Hannah loves her doodle pro.
Hannah wrestling with Jacob.
Look at them laugh!!!

Hannah's first Krispy Kreme doughnut. She loves it!!

Sam's birthday. We went to the China Buffet and then went to TCBY for yogurt.

Hannah in the dress Grandma gave her. She looked so pretty for church!!! And the dress is so soft.

Hannah loves to wear other people's shoes. especially her brothers. She wears one pair of penny loafers and carries the other pair all over the house. She loves shoes.

Warm pj's. We have had some cool nights so we needed warm pajamas. I love feety pajamas.
Sam with his yogurt from TCBY. He enjoyed it thoroughly. He had a wonderful birthday and that smile tells it all.
So what all have we been doing? Hannah is still struggling to bond with Alan. It is tough on all of us. All Al wants to do is hold her and hug her and love her and she just cries and looks for mama. I went to choir the other night and Alan had her and she just cried. So as much as I hate it, choir may be out for a while. She did sit on the floor near Alan today and played a little bit of tea party with him. SO every little bit helps. She is with me all of the time, so this is normal, but still.
We spent a morning with Julie and Grace who were with us in China and it was so good to talk to her. As we compared notes, we realized that
we are going through the same things, so we both felt better about that. I also met with our social worker and everything is going well. She is so great-she gave us some tips to help Hannah bond more with Alan and she is so supportive.
We are also doing playgroup on Wednesday mornings with my friends(mostly from choir) from church. There are 4 other kids within 4 months both ways of Hannah, so she has time with her peers. It has been fun to watch her start to interact and get used to my friends.
Well the Husker game is almost over...another win in the win column. Husker nation will sleep well tonight. For you in Midland, we have a Midlander on our team. Did he lose his mind or did he just want to experience really cold weather? Whatever his reasons, he is very welcome here. I need to go and make sure I am ready for church in the morning. Hannah loves the music in church, but then decides she needs to talk. When will I hear another sermon?
If you have stayed with me this far, thanks and I promise that I will try to update more often. I have a laptop...I just keep forgetting that it is portable!!!!
Go Big Red!!
We had 2 weeks of meals from our choir family and let me tell you how special that was. It was such a lifesaver!!! The food was wonderful, but it was even better because it was made with love. So my friends and family, thank you. You will never know how much of a blessing that was to me. And if you feel the need to bless someone again, my door is alway open and my table is always empty!!!!
We have had one doctors visit for Hannah so far and we have the big one on Tuesday. Hannah met with a developmental person and she is testing at about the 17 month level. So she isn't too far behind. And really it seems as if she is doing what most of the other kids are doing. She is deathly afraid of doctors, so the rest of the visit wasn't that great. A whole lot of tears. So Tuesday on our marathon visit(8:15 am until noon), we will need all of the prayers we can get. We see about a dozen different doctors and we should have a good plan for where we go next.